Michigan’s Woodshed Studios offers the craftsmanship and ease of a professional recording space with the laid-back atmosphere of a home studio. Since its founding in 1994 by Tim Pak, Woodshed has endured longside the evolution of Detroit music, documenting many of its most riveting moments along the way.

A relaxing environment with versatile production techniques, Woodshed welcomes the low- or mid-budget artist while being decked for the most ambitious of projects. The control room houses both a 24-track MOTU digital interface and 16-track reel-to-reel—allowing for complete analog capabilities—along with an industry-standard collection of compressors and effects. The 700 square-foot live room ouses an upright piano and several amplification and percussion options, providing warm textures and adaptable ambiance for any project. A soundproof isolation room with an assortment of microphone options confines the purity of drums and vocals, and careful attention to detail going into the mix allows for a minimalist recording approach with maximum output capability. Woodshed is open to all experimentation and creative processes a budget may accord, allowing the artist to focus strictly on capturing their most inspired musical performance.

Over the course of its history, Woodshed has catered to a number of groundbreaking Michigan artists, such as The Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Small Brown Bike, Thoughts of Ionesco, Fordirelifesake and the Amino Acids, in addition to an eclectic clientele of acoustic jazz, soul, a cappella, gospel, metal, indie, hip-hop and folk. In 2007, Pak passed the legacy on to Ed Sertage (lead guitarist of Bedford Drive) after working together on numerous recordings and recognizing a comparable focus on artistic integrity. Under Sertage’s watch, Woodshed continues to carry on in the DIY tradition and devotion to Michigan artists that the studio was founded on.

Fifteen minutes north of downtown Detroit on the border of Ferndale and Oak Park, Woodshed is a freshly renovated street-level facility with upgrades and improvements ongoing. Whether for a demonstration or fully mastered and ready-to-press recording, an enthusiastic engineering staff is eager to find the sound the artist is looking for on a project-by-project basis with affordable hourly rates. $45 per hour.

Contact owner Ed Sertage at 734-624-2847 or woodshedrecording@gmail.com.

Bio by Jonathan A. Berz.